Bosco Foundation

One hundred percent of donations are designated for facilities acquisition and the bursary and scholarship fund. The Foundation’s support is currently limited to the organizations listed on this page.

(NOTE: Some of these organizations have their own websites; to visit the site, click on the name. For those that do not have websites, a brief description is provided.)

The following organizations benefit directly from the Bosco Foundation.

  • ABH - Child and Family Services Association (ABH-CAFS) was established as a support organization to provide Psychological Services, Relief Staff, Administrative Services, Maintenance Services and a range of fee-for-services programs complementary to the Bosco Homes’ range of services.  ABH-CAFS is a subsidiary of Bosco Homes.
  • Bosco Homes, A Society for Children and Families
  • Canadian Institute for Crisis Intervention
  • Children First Family Services Association
  • Bright Bank Academy
  • Columbus Academy
  • Phoenix Academy
  • Thomas More Academy
  • The Canadian Institute for Crisis Intervention Training (CICIT) is a subsidiary of Bosco Homes which provides professional development programs to the Bosco family of agencies and other non-affiliated agencies throughout the province. CICIT specializes in providing licensing standards training and refresher courses.
  • The Wetaskiwin Touchstone Place Clubhouse Society is a mental health support group based on International Clubhouse standards that assists adult mental health clients live successfully in their home communities.  The society includes volunteers from the community, family members of persons with mental health conditions or illnesses, program staff members and mental health professionals.  The Society provides assistance in securing safe living accommodations, clothing, furnishings, and job readiness training.

The following community groups and organizations benefit indirectly from the Bosco Foundation by renting space in our St. Francis Center facilities on a sliding scale basis but no more than one third of market value.

  • Dragoons Army Cadets
  • Northeast Edmonton AA Chapter
  • Eastwood AA Chapter
  • Eritrean Coptic Orthodox Parish - description coming soon
  • St. Francis Food Bank Society has been in existence in the northeast Edmonton community for more than 45 years.  Originally established by the St. Francis of Assisi Parish, the Society serves a diverse population which includes many immigrant families, first nations families and the general population.  The St. Francis Food Bank Society is a member of the Edmonton Food Bank Association.
  • St. Francis Secular Council (Franciscan Order) is the original Secular Franciscan Council in the greater Edmonton area, established almost a century ago. It engages in charitable works and provides lay people an opportunity to live according to the rules of the Franciscan Order.