Bosco Foundation
About the Foundation

The John Bosco Child and Family Services Foundation’s mission is to assist those who provide services for children, adolescents and adults who struggle with personal, developmental and mental health challenges.

The Foundation’s purpose is to acquire lands, buildings and facilities for the housing, treatment and education of individuals who through no fault of their own require assistance and support.  The Foundation is also dedicated to assisting with fundraising and volunteer recruitment in support of charities and not-for-profit organizations.

The Foundation’s focus is to provide suitable facilities, for not-for-profit organizations thus assisting them to providing human services to individuals and families, who through no fault of their own are struggling with many challenges.

The Bosco family of organizations had its beginning on November 27, 1987 with the incorporation of Bosco Homes. The Bosco Foundation was established on June 13, 2002, with the aim of assisting the Bosco Family of organizations in the Province of Alberta and the Northwest Territories. Since then, properties have been acquired or built in Edmonton, Stony Plain, Parkland County, Strathcona County, Ponoka and Wetaskiwin. Many people have benefitted directly or indirectly from the Foundation’s activities.

The Foundation also established a bursary & scholarship fund to assist former clients in-care seeking training or education for a trade or occupation.


Dr. Rozycki is the founding CEO of the John Bosco Child and Family Services Foundation (2002) and he was the driving force in the establishment of the following organizations:

Under his leadership, these societies thrived and grew into outstanding service organizations.

The John Bosco Child and Family Services Foundation‘s focus is to provide affordable facilities to assist not-for-profit and charitable organizations by offering rental rates below market levels when possible. Although the Foundation has chosen to assist the Bosco family of organizations in Alberta, other organizations may be considered eligible for consideration.

The Bosco Foundation endeavours to assist not-for-profit and charitable organizations (who provide various human services to individuals and families) to carry out their missions in serving the needs of others.

For more information on Dr. Rozycki, you can click here to download a copy of his bio (PDF format).