Bosco Foundation
These young people truly have need of some kind person who will take care of them, work with them, guide them in virtue, keep them away from harm.
- John Bosco, letter to the Salesians, 1883

The John Bosco Child and Family Services Foundation, also known as the Bosco Foundation, provides rental facilities to select organizations and agencies concerned with the welfare of vulnerable children, youth and adults.


We assist with the provision of facilities for housing, education and treatment for children, adolescents and adults who are unable to care for themselves without supervision. Through the Foundation’s support, our beneficiaries can provide their clients with the services they provide to enhance their quality of life.  Frequently acquiring suitable facilities and navigating zoning requirements is a most difficult task for many not-for-profit organizations.


One hundred percent of donations are for current and future housing needs for programs of these organizations. For other organizations seeking assistance, we are able to provide consultation on fundraising and recruiting of volunteers.